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Real Time PCR Kit

Real time PCR is a technique, which is used to monitor the progress of a PCR reaction in real time not requiring any post-PCR processing unlike the conventional PCR method. One can start with minimal amounts of nucleic acid and quantify the end products (DNA, cDNA or RNA) accurately.

We procure ready to use Real Time PCR kits from various sources in the world to provide to our clients’ needs. These kits provide higher precision, increased sensitivity (down to one copy), increased dynamic range (greater than 8 logs), and high resolution (less than two-fold differences).


  • Very Sensitive nucleic acid test kits – upto 10 IU/ml
  • Excellent magnetic beads- finest nano-level magnetic beads ensuring efficient and fast binding.
  • Optimized workflow – less washing time, no elution and easy to interpret.
  • Some kits come with buffer based extraction, which is very simple and takes only 10 minutes for extraction
  • Automation enabled – 96 samples output in 3,5 hours
  • Kits are open system and run in all of the real time machines in the market.
  • Experienced Technical support.
  • Provide both monoplex and multiplex kits from various sources.

DNA/RNA extraction system:

  • We provide an open, automated extraction system for a broad range of magnetic bead based reagent kits.
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Ensure quality consistency
  • Sample pre-treatments are limited
  • Patented Whirl Stirring Mixing Technology, processing volume up to 1,500µl with enhanced mixing efficiency
  • Avoid aerosol cross-contamination.
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We are one of the most determined RT PCR Kits Exporters from India. We have the best Real Time PCR Test Kits from Sansure, SNP, VIASURE, ZESAN, etc. available for you at the most affordable prices. Our experts are right here to help you with your purchase.

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