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Endotoxin Removal Resins

Endotoxin Removal Resins are used to remove endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides/LPS) from aqueous solutions of a wide range of samples such as proteins, antibodies, vaccines,nucleic acids, buffers and cell extracts. We provide resins of EndoTrap®, which is well known for removing endotoxins with excellent sample recovery rates. EndoTrap® can be used in column (gravity flow) or batch mode and is suitable for up-scaling on fully automated liquid chromatography systems.

EndoTrap® features

  • Best-in-class endotoxin binding capacity of 5,000,000 EU/ml
  • Removes more than 99.99%* of LPS
  • Excellent sample recovery rate > 95%*
  • Non-toxic phage-derived ligand, no cytotoxic effects
  • Re-use more than 10 times
  • Available in large quantities for up-scaling inbiopharmaceutical processes         

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