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Kalazaar Rapid Tests Kit

Kala-azar: A chronic and potentially fatal parasitic disease of the viscera (the internal organs, particularly the liver, spleen, bone marrow and lymph nodes) due to infection by the parasite called LehismaniaDonovan.

The Kalazar Detect™ Test for VL is a qualitative, membrane-based immunoassay for thedetection of antibodies to Visceral Leishmaniasis in human serum. The membrane is pre-coatedwith rK39 on the test line region and chicken anti-protein A on the control line region. Duringtesting, the serum sample reacts with the dye conjugate (protein A-colloidal gold conjugate)which has been pre-coated in the test device. The mixture then migrates upward on themembrane chromatographically to react with recombinant VL antigen on the membrane andgenerates a red line. Presence of this red line indicates a positive result, while its absenceindicates a negative result. Regardless of the presence of antibody to rK39, as the mixturecontinues to migrate across the membrane to the immobilized chicken anti-protein A region, ared line at the control line region will always appear. The presence of this red line serves asverification for sufficient sample volume and proper flow and as a control for the reagents. This kit is US FDA and CE IVD approved

Key Advantages Of Our Kala Azar Rapid Test Kits:

  • Helps in the diagnosis of Kala Azar
  • Contain individually sealed pouches containing test cards with sample dropper
  • Has a good shelf life
  • Used only by medical practitioners and diagnostic labs
  • Needs to be stored in good sealing condition
  • Very easy to use
  • Well evaluated for its sensitivity and specificity

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