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Scrub Typhus

Scrub Typhus

Scrub typhus, also known as bush typhus, is a disease caused by bacteria called Orientia tsutsugamushi. Scrub typhus is spread to people through bites of infected chiggers (larval mites). The most common symptoms of scrub typhus include fever, headache, and body rash.

Inbios Scrub Typhus Detect™ IgM & IgG ELISA kits for diagnosis of Orientia tsutsugamushi (OT; formerly Rickettsia) is an ELISA assay system for the detection of IgM antibodies in human serum.

PCR Kits Suppliers In Delhi

Started its operation back in 2004, Inbios India today has a well-known position in the domain among the best PCR Kits Suppliers in Delhi. We began our work with Inbios International Inc. USA and then Fuller laboratories, USA help the company establish its strong foothold in the health care sector of the country. After validating and popularizing its RK – 39 Kala-azar Rapid Test, we’ve come up with several new products to cater to several other demands.

Every unit/ kit that we offer is sourced from the trusted healthcare alliance, who have put their experience and expertise in research and development of products that can benefit the health of people. From Dengue Test Kit, Urine Strips Test Kit, Novatec Kit to DIAPRO Kits, we have different kits available for meeting the diverse demand of India’s healthcare domain. Moreover, our team is well-educated and experienced to maintain supplying work with ease.

As one of the prominent Chikungunya Test Kit Exporters from India, we also promise you the timely delivery and reliable after-sale support. So without any delays, place your order with us today. If you have any queries regarding our products and their respective prices, let our experts help you with that too.

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To become a one-stop destination to offer effective and reliable health diagnosis kits.

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Our vision is to spread our wings to reach every corner and customer possible.

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Kits are sourced from well-known companies and their quality and effectiveness is assured.

Scrub Typhus Elisa Kit

Scrub Typhus is an infectious disease caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi, which is a tiny parasite about the size of bacteria and belongs to the Rickettsiaceae family.

Dengue Test Kit

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection that causes severe flu, which takes a complicated turn if not treated within time.


If you are searching for DIAPRO Kit Suppliers in Delhi, Inbios India is the name that you should keep in your mind.

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